Organising Marketing & Sales operations is a crucial move
that can’t be put off a moment longer!

Every year, Companies invest huge economic and human resources in each of their different departments (Engineering, R&D, Production, Marketing & Sales, Logistics, Administration, etc.) to keep their operations up to date in an increasingly competitive scenario.

Of all the areas within a company, targeting Marketing & Sales processes means acting directly on the company function closest to Customers. Marketing & Sales is the key interface between the Company and the market, and all information from and for Customers passes through it.

The way marketing is conducted to support sales has radically changed in the past 10 years

The exponential proliferation of digital tools and media, shifts in the balance between on-line and off-line models and the increases in the number of actors and markets a company interacts with, are phenomena normally experienced at different times and in different scenarios. Very often Companies have been forced to respond rapidly but with measures that not always have been placed coherent with one another.

This is why the Marketing & Sales processes, now usually employed in many Companies, often seem to be a set of disjointed activities, with costs undoubtedly far higher than a single process redefined with the latest tools available today. But it’s not just a matter of cost: this scenario is often inadequate and ineffective in supporting sales, with significant repercussions on economic results and on the very survival of the company itself.

Implementing the right actions in sales processes may bring economic benefits to the company more quickly than actions in other Company departments which, by nature, often call for substantial initial investments which will only reap rewards in the mid to long term future. Reorganising Marketing & Sales processes is therefore a crucial move that can’t be put off a moment longer!


3 Fundamental Pillars and 12 Specialised Services

In this rapidly evolving scenario, Studio GANDINI has developed and perfected a model for revitalising businesses through more than 20 years of experience with Companies of all sizes. This model is based on three fundamental pillars: STRATEGY > ACTUATION > EVOLUTION. The model itself is implemented through 12 specialised Marketing & Sales services created to help Companies to improve the results of their commercial operations.

To maximise the benefits of these 12 services, the first step suggested by Studio GANDINI is always the Company Audit of Marketing & Sales processes. This is a crucial tool that allows the company to:

1Understand the situation of the current Marketing & Sales model in place
the areas where action is needed
3Start up process to revitalise the Company


the first, fundamental step in the process to revitalise the Company

By analysing the Marketing & Sales model currently used by the Company, Studio GANDINI produces a Company Audit Report that provides a clear picture of the state of play of the Marketing & Sales processes and an initial strategy proposal for evolution.

Marketing & Sales
Audit & Reorganization Model

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