Solid Strategy and Outstanding Actuation generate Evolution: always!

Strategy is what allows Companies to steer its resources in the right direction: particularly in critical times, when limited resources have to be stretched to cover an even broader field of action, strategy takes on an even more crucial role.

Defining Company strategy is the responsibility of the top levels of management, and essentially consists in deciding in which markets to focus the company's human and economic resources in order to achieve "profitable and sustainable development".

The correct definition of a distinctive strategy is of vital importance for the Company – and this strategy must also be communicated effectively within the organisation and implemented coherently in the chosen markets.

Strategy and operational excellence:
taking both to a whole new level!

Over the years, we have come into very close contact with many very diverse industrial concerns. Some of these have shown excellent strategic capabilities, while others have had effective operational models. But it is very rare to find Companies that excel in both of these areas, and when we find one of these, they are always leading Companies with two-figure positive EBITDA ratings and a positive corporate climate that keeps employees, consultants, clients and shareholders comfortable.

"We have noted that these Companies not only ensure there is good strategy and excellent implementation, but also dedicate significant efforts to ensuring that strategy and implementation are perfectly attuned."

The new sustainable economic policies steering businesses and governments

The scenario forecast by Kenichi Ohmae (author of “The Next Global Stage, Challenges and Opportunities in our Borderless World” and “The Mind of the Strategist”) way back in 2005 has now become consolidated reality: Globalisation is now an inexorable fact, it is the new factor compelling every Company, Institution or State to think on a global scale.

A radically different new world is taking shape, one in which the way businesses operate must change in order to succeed. But this doesn’t mean that everything achieved so far is now worthless – which could hardly be further from the truth!

It simply means that the models for business success must be reinterpreted in order to compete in this different new scenario, where it is not only necessary to offer products and services that are competitive on a global scale (Globalisation), but it is also crucial that these products and services are efficient and sustainable (Green Economy), and that their characteristics are defined and disseminated by controlling the flow of communication and information, and making the most out of digital tools and media (Digitalisation).

With over 20 years of experience in the B2B and B2C markets, we have very clearly seen that regardless of the size of the Company, the deep-rooted changes taking place in our society on a structural level, driven by Globalisation and the Green Economy, make it crucial for Companies to rethink or update their strategies and ensure that they are implemented with excellence.