The trap of operational management: understanding that with an existing structure heavily involved in operational management, it is very difficult to autonomously define new strategies and implement them rapidly

Even in a well organised Company, the involvement of management in the day to day factors and contingencies feeding the economic life cycle of the business occupies a significant portion of its available time, and as a result, defining strategy and deploying new operational models must be done in what little time is left over.

And even when the concerted efforts of the Company succeed in consolidating the strategy, the relative time necessary for its actuation increases in proportion, with the risk of time frames that are too slow for the pace at which today’s markets move.

We support Companies to evolve

and help them in the market share acquisition process

Studio GANDINI is specialised in supporting Companies in this precise situation, first helping them consolidate or more precisely formalise their strategy, and then accompanying them through the process of actuation.
Without distracting management from the operational processes vital for the economic life cycle of the Company, Studio GANDINI defines strategy proposals for top management and, once a proposal is approved, coordinates the relative procedures necessary to actuate the strategy and disseminate it throughout the Company.

Our model is complete and it encompasses: