Studio GANDINI was founded by Jacques Gandini on the basis of more than 20 years of experience in the management of Marketing & Sales activities for leading multinational Companies. This has been long enough to witness the evolution and development of the industrial system through the most significant periods of change in our recent society, from the era of great international expansion in the 1990s and the opening up towards global markets in the 2000s, to this decade’s predominance of the Green Economy and Digitalisation.
A unique wealth of experience, acquired within Italian and European Companies and then developed further more within the Studio itself and in the direct collaboration with global leading Companies based in both Asia (Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian Companies in particular) and America.
A fusion of skills giving the Studio a multicultural, global approach, which combines the mental agility characteristic of Italians worldwide with a passion for organising strategy and actuation typical – albeit expressed differently – of the Asian and American markets.
Based in Villa Bartolomea (Verona), Studio GANDINI assists its clients and offers on-site support, depending on the needs of the individual case and on the extent of the service required.

Jacques Gandini Founder of the Studio

Giving your Company a solid Strategy and an outstanding Actuation, taking advantage of the power of digital tools and media, leads to Evolution

Our logo expresses the pillars on which our model for restructuring Marketing & Sales activities is founded in three words: